Adventure Festival

(Running/Cycling, Trekking)

5 kms Cycling –3 kms Running –3 Kms Trekking

Survival Program

Bored of traditional summer camp tricks? Let your child experience real life experiences and thrills in life


There can be nothing more beautiful than gazing stars at night, lying on the carpet of natural grass or soft stones right in front of your warm tent!

Hot Air Balloon

It is time for you to tag your partner and take amazing selfies as you travel in air with him and celebrate the best time of your life.

Kite Flying

What’s another popular item you have for sale or trade? Talk about it here in glowing, memorable terms so site visitors have to have it.

Adventure Activities

The adventure outing involves trekking, rope climbing, rappelling, wall climbing and other crazy activities which teaches you the survival of fittest strategies.

Day 1

6.00 am :  Triathlon and Launch of HotAir

10.00 –12.00 noon : Works Shops & Adventure Activities

2.00 pm –5.00 pm : Work Shops & Adventure Activities

7.00 pm -Camping

Day -2

6.00 am :  Launch of Kite Festival 

Trek to Clean and Survival Camp

10.00 –12.00 noon : Works Shops & Adventure Activities, Kids Obstacle Race

2.00 pm –5.00 pm : Work Shops & Adventure Activities

7.00 pm -Camping

Kids Activities

Kids Obstacle Course : Rs 50/-

Kids  Rope Couse : Rs 30/-

Trampoline : Rs 30/-

Kids Climbing Wall : Rs 50/-

Gyro: Rs 100/-

Gyro Cycle: Rs 50/-


Rope Course 1 Element : Rs 100/-

•Rope Course: Rs 200/-

•Fly Line: Rs 100/-

•Zip Cycle: Rs 150/-

•Tandem Cycle: Rs 50/-for 30 mins 

•Climbing Wall: Rs 100/-

•Tree Climb: Rs 50/-

•Zorb: Rs 100/-

•ATV: Rs 200/-

•Rappelling: Rs 200/-

•Chimney Climbing: Rs 150/-

•Bouldering: Rs 50/-

•Climbing: Rs 200/-

•Hot Air Balloon: Rs 300/-

*Operation of Hot-air Balloon is subject to weather conditions

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